the music is a lie
does this unit have a soul?

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Seriously though, if you don’t think asexual representation is important, you need to get educated, because it is really hard to live in a sex-centric culture and not be interested in sex. 

I have seen so many posts about finding out about asexuality after joining tumblr and you know what word almost all over them have in common? Broken. 

And that’s fucked up. 


But at that moment, that bright light went a little faint.

Doodled on my ipad during my lunch break before Free!… and then finished in sai after Free!…

petition for makoto to change his name to makoto ‘actual angel’ tachibana

Hm. Maybe it’s a demon that Max hurt, and badly, but it got away before Max could strike a killing blow, and now, years down the road, it’s back to take vengeance.

oooh, i might be able to work with that… the stalking+impersonation still seems a little extreme, but we’re getting somewhere. <3

It could be a thing tied back directly to Alec’s death, a sort of vindictive, “you though you got away from me and my brethren six years ago? You thought WRONG”.

hm.  Alec’s death was basically just Sebastian being a great big bag of dicks, though.  i think it’d be more personal - this demon is pissed at Max and wants to hurt him, grind him down into glitter before killing him slowly, looking like his brother all the while.


I never post my free! fanart but this episode killed me

Why does a demon do anything other than to inflict pain and misery?

yeah, but going to the point of finding out who will fuck Max up most (no idea how it’ll find this out) and then stalking him for a while instead of just outright killing him… there needs to be a real reason, methinks.

now i just need to figure out why this demon’s stalking Max and we’ll have a basic plot going on…


Autumn Forest Captures by Oer-Wout

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Max thinking he’s losing his mind because he keeps catching little glimpses of his brother out of the corner of his eye, but when he turns to look, Alec’s gone

Max being stalked by a demon pretending to be his dead brother

Max knowing this cannot be Alec, Alec is dead, he saw him die, but some tiny part of him desperately wants it all to be some mistake and for Alec to be alive so he can offload a little of the guilt he’s been carrying around for over six years

Max finally realizing he has to kill this thing with his brother’s face


If only we could’ve stayed children forever.. I wish I could continue dreaming the dreams I had back then. Hey, Rin, do you remember our dreams from back then?

53 palette, makoto in his firefighter suit please ♥ ;u;


It ended up more Makoto than firefighter, oops.


I wanted to draw a few sketches of long-haired Rin with different hairstyles for falconknightcordelia…and it somehow turned into Rin modelling floral outfits because I wanted to practice drawing clothes >.<

Bonus drawing of Rin wearing leopard print Jelly Boots for tsuncess like I promised haha XD


talk shit about rin matsuoka around me i fucking dare you

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